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5.0 (32 reviews)

Since 1994 we've been mentoring climbers to help them expand their knowledge and become self-sufficient climbers at the New River Gorge and beyond. We offer private guiding and customized instruction for beginner to advanced climbers, who want to expand their knowledge, learn new skills, and gain experience to help reach their climbing goals.

All of our guides and instructors are not only climbers to their core, they are fun to climb with, and are skilled teachers who can help you meet your climbing goals. They're all trained and certified by the American Mountain Guide Association as Single Pitch Instructors (at minimum) and are dedicated professionals who take their job seriously.

We're headquartered in Water Stone Outdoors, your one-stop climbing shop at the New. The shop is open year-round, and the guide service operates seasonally from March to November (or whenever winter sets in). 


Est. 1994 Fayetteville, WV

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101 E Wiseman Ave

Permits & Insurance

NPS Commercial Use Authorization #CLIMB-NERI/GARI-5300-17-081

Teach and guide rock climbing, rappelling, and vertical rope rescue in New River Gorge National Park and Preserve and Gauley River National Recreation Area

Dept of Army Commercial Business License #DACW69-3-19-1045

Completely land based, guided rock climbing around Summersville Lake

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5.0 (32 reviews)

Trip: Half Day Private Instruction

Guide: Jennifer F.

We had lots of fun and felt very safe, kids had a blast!

By Valarie H. on August 12, 2022

Trip: Half Day Private Instruction

Guide: Kristi B.

Kristi and Elaina were amazing! We had so much fun on our first outdoor climb, and learned so much. Can’t wait to go back again!

By Lindsey R. on August 10, 2022

Trip: Teen Rock Camp

Guide: General I.

It was a really nice camp. The people were nice and the climbing was awesome. They had multiple climbs set up so you were constantly either climbing or balaying. The climbs were at high enough difficulty for everyone, but also options for lower difficulty climbs. The base camp area was really nice with luxuries such as running water and bathrooms. I would definitely do it again

By Tiffany M. on August 09, 2022

Trip: Teen Rock Camp

Guide: General I.

The staff is professional, friendly and made my son feel right at home. He Learned some amazing skills and reports back even the food was delicious. Thank you!

By Cori E. on July 30, 2022

Trip: Half Day Private Instruction

Guide: Elaina A.

This trip was unforgettable, amazing and a wonderful opportunity to learn! My husband and I are new to climbing and got so much out of our half day instruction. Elaina and Christy are incredibly knowledgeable, patient, kind and friendly. I would make this trip every day if I could. The climb itself was gorgeous and dry during a week of heavy rains. They not only provided gear and fantastic instruction. We would recommend this group enthusiastically!

By Carrie M. on July 29, 2022

Trip: Half Day Private Instruction

Guide: Jay H.

We are a family of 4 with two children, 8 and 6, with about a year of expiernence with indoor gyms only. We had Jay and Jeff, what an AMAZING experince. They were so excited and WONDERFUL with the kids. Knowing how to work with them and coach them expertly. The boys had an amazing first outdoor expeirnce as did the adults! Jay and Jeff absoululy have us trying to figure out when to come back and have inspired our boys to climb outdoor constantly! :-D Thank you for a wonderful experience.

By Megan S. on July 28, 2022

Trip: Half Day Private Instruction

Guide: Nina K.

Wendi and I had the absolute best day with Nina. I don't know how it could have been any better. We are already planning on coming back before the end of the year. We hope Nina will be available. Thanks again

By Warren W. on June 19, 2022

Trip: In House AMGA SPI Course _June

Guide: Elaina A.

Elaina is an exceptional great teacher. She is so knowledgable, clear in her instruction, and very compassionate. I had a blast doing the course!

By . on June 18, 2022

Trip: In House AMGA SPI Course _June

Guide: Elaina A.

Elaina is an excellent teacher! She was extremely patient with us as we learned new skills which I was super appreciative of.

By . on June 16, 2022

Trip: Full Day Private Instruction

Guide: Jeffery H.

By Michelle H. on June 14, 2022