Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Origin uses an online reservation system to replace traditional pen-and-paper reservation books. For online reservations, the service fee is passed along to the customer and the tour operator does not pay any cost to use the platform.

Origin helps tour operators run their operations:

  • Manages scheduling/reservations
  • Centralizes guide information
  • Connects directly to the business’s bank
  • Attract guests

Customers can find your business by searching on desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. We recommend keeping up-to-date driving directions, hours of operation, and a number they can click to call from their mobile phones.

Note: Adventure listings must be created before scheduling tours

  1. Click Post Your Adventure
  2. Select Category
  3. Enter Listing Title
  4. Enter Price
  5. Enter a detailed description of the listing: what can guests expect, what should guests bring, etc.
  6. Enter Location
  7. Enter Duration
  8. Enter Group Size
  9. Enter Provided Gear
  10. Enter Required Gear
  11. Enter Recommended (“nice to have”) Gear
  12. Upload image(s) to accompany listing

From your dashboard:

  1. Click on the date you want to schedule
    1. This will show the listings available
  2. Assign the start time
  3. Assign Guide or click “First Available”
    1. Note: Adventures default to Private. If you wish to make this a Public Adventure, you must check the box
  4. Color-coded
    1. Colored squares indicate guide availability