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Why businesses are switching to Origin

Intuitive And Powerful

Origin is easy to set up, some businesses can create all their listings on day 1. If you’re confused or short on time, we’ll set it up for you and our team is always available to help via a live chat widget with under 5 minute response times.

Better For SEO

iFrame pop-ups popular with old systems hurt your website’s discoverability in Google search results. Because of this, you won’t rank for any content within the iFrame because Google can't read it.

Built For Guides

Origin was built for and alongside guides and businesses. Don't leave your tours susceptible to overbooking because your guides can't access the system. With Origin, every guide has their schedule in their pocket.

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An easier way to manage your customers

After a long season, you might have a few hundred, if not thousand of new customer relationships to manage. You’ll want an easy way to do this because they might come and book again.

With Origin, every customer has their own profile in your account where you can see their trip history, add notes, easily find emergency contact info, and more.

Instead of digging through your list to see if someone is a repeat client, you’ll know right away because all of that information is saved to their Customer profile.

Origin supports the complexities of any guiding business

Guide assignments have always been a manual process, until now. You’re probably used to getting a new booking, then seeing which guides are available in your guide spreadsheet or shared Google Calendar, or you might even have to call them one-by-one.

Want to free up more of your time? Use Origin’s helpful guide assigning features to speed up the process. Set up your Client-to-Guide ratios, rank your guides by seniority, or even allow them to respond to automated text messages when new trips are booked.

Free Digital Liability Waivers for your guiding business

Waivers are crucial for adventure guiding businesses.

You need tour booking software that lets you create multiple waivers and customize them to your needs. It must notify you, your clients, and your guides of any unsigned waivers pre-trip, and it should save waivers in a PDF format for safe keeping.

To get even half of this functionality with other systems, you’ll need to pay for a 3rd party waiver system. With Origin, we provide all of this for free with every account.

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