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The easiest booking experience out there. See for yourself.

The easiest & fastest checkout.

Installed without coding in one copy/paste link, your customers are 0 clicks away from seeing your availability and price. The faster you can get someone to checkout, the more likely they are to book.

Keep customers on your site.

Tired of redirects to unbranded pages? Us too. That’s why we made our checkout compatible with all websites, on desktop or mobile. Your customers won’t leave your site when they book.

Guide Scheduling Made Easy

You can finally stop calling your guides one-by-one to see who’s available. All your Guides get calendars that sync with the booking widgets on your website, always keeping availability up-to-date and eliminating over-bookings and tedious workarounds.

You have the choice to automatically assign guides to new bookings by priority, client-to-guide ratio, trip requests via text, or assign them to bookings manually.

Automated Text & Email Notifications

Automatically send digital waivers, confirmations and reminders to future guests after they book. Communicate with your Guides and keep them updated on changes, new bookings, or other important details.

Fully Integrated Digital Waivers - For Free

Simple, secure, and seamless Digital Waivers keep your business organized and compliant. Ditch the pricey 3rd party waiver systems that never integrate perfectly with your other tools.

Our users are shouting our praises from mountain tops, literally:

“Origin has significantly decreased the time I spend on scheduling. Not only is it exponentially easier to input experiences and hikes, editing is so much easier. I love that we have the ability to duplicate trips, because then you're not starting from zero every time like I had to do with Acuity.”

— Lauren Wolfe, Operations Manager

Switched from Acuity

“Being able to block myself out on Origin’s guide calendar is huge. I go in, mark myself unavailable certain days, and the Origin software takes care of it for me.”

— Jeffrey Matthews

Switched from Checkfront

“It’s exponentially better. We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about the ease of booking. I used to sit on the phone with our potential guests, walking them through how to book through Acuity. There were too many clicks. It was so complicated. And I’m sure that it deterred a bunch of people. But with Origin, it’s just made my life as an Ops Manager so much easier.”

— Lauren Wolfe, Operations Manager

Switched from Acuity

Getting started with Origin is super easy.

No Setup Fees

Works With Any Website

Real-Time Customer Support

Unlimited Bookings

Free Onboarding Calls

Transparent Pricing

Unlimited Listings

Free VIP Support

Free E-waivers

Our pricing structure is simple. We’re built for lean and mean Tour & Activity businesses who demand the best.

No monthly invoices

$0/month, no overhead costs

Unlimited bookings, listings, and users

5% Service Fee

Still using an old ticketing system made for museums? Origin can help.

Built for Tours & Activities

Single-day or multi-day, public or private, general admission events, custom trips, and even rentals.

We never touch your Money

Origin never touches your money. Your Stripe account processes and sends your money to your bank account.


Use some of our native integrations or connect to 4,000+ apps with Zapier to build your own.


Keep track of your inventory and make sure you always have enough bikes, skis, helmets, or even helicopters. Something broke? Block it off so it can’t get booked.

Post trip reports

Make and automatically send out customized post-trip forms for your Guides to fill out and view to stay up to date on the most important details.

SEO Friendly

Google hates when your content is inside iFrame popups. They can’t read it, and that hurts your SEO. That’s why we don’t use them to house your content.

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