The Best Booking And Scheduling Platform For Tour Guiding Businesses

Booking and scheduling software for tour guiding businesses
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Origin’s booking and scheduling software helps grow your business and get you back outside
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Flexible, Powerful Scheduling

Personal guide calendars sync with your trip schedule to keep your availability up-to-date.

Automatic Guide Assignment

Automatically assign guides to new bookings by priority, client-to-guide ratio, or trip requests via text.

Free In-House E-Waivers

Simple, secure, and seamless e-waiver management to keep your business organized and compliant.

Perfect for any outdoor activity

Single-day or multi-day, public or private, general admission, and even rentals.

Clear Customer Communication

Automatically send digital waivers, confirmation and reminder emails, and view information for future guests.


Sync your customers to Mailchimp or track key website metrics with Google Analytics.

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Powering direct bookings on your website

Integrating Origin is an easy way to modernize your reservation and scheduling system. Direct bookings mean faster checkout, fewer phone calls, and the opportunity to focus on providing an experience rather than selling it.

Real-time availability
No coding needed
Modern user experience
Scales with your business
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Streamlining your guiding operations
Origin is the only software that brings guides, guests, and admins onto one platform. With an integrated, intuitive booking and scheduling system, your inventory, trips, customer information, waivers, and staff availability are always up-to-date.


Your guests can leave reviews for your trips, your company, and your guides.

Inventory And Rental Management

Ensure you have enough gear for your guests through Origin’s inventory and rental management system.

See why businesses and guides are using Origin

“Most online booking systems aren't tailored to adventure guiding services. They're tailored to products or ticket booking. They don’t tie together the number of open spots with available guides. That's the biggest difference with Origin. Origin offers this.”

— Charlie Faust, Operations Manager

Switched from Rezdy

“Origin has significantly decreased the time I spend on scheduling. Not only is it exponentially easier to input experiences and hikes, editing is so much easier. I love that we have the ability to duplicate trips, because then you're not starting from zero every time like I had to do with Acuity.”

— Lauren Wolfe, Operations Manager

Switched from Acuity

“Being able to block myself out on Origin’s guide calendar is huge. I go in, mark myself unavailable certain days, and the Origin software takes care of it for me.”

— Jeffrey Matthews

Switched from Checkfront

“We were running multiple systems, and I hated that. Origin is an all-inclusive platform in terms of having your waivers, guides, scheduling, and booking on board. I only have to use one system, which obviously I prefer for efficiency’s sake.”

— Charlie Faust, Operations Manager

Switched from Rezdy

“It’s exponentially better. We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about the ease of booking. I used to sit on the phone with our potential guests, walking them through how to book through Acuity. There were too many clicks. It was so complicated. And I’m sure that it deterred a bunch of people. But with Origin, it’s just made my life as an Ops Manager so much easier.”

— Lauren Wolfe, Operations Manager

Switched from Acuity
Frequently Asked Questions

How does Origin compare with other platforms?

We’ve created an innovative platform to help you book and manage your guided experiences and tours. We design our software to help you by keeping trip reservations and staff availability up-to-date, prevent overbookings with a purpose-built resource management system, and even give you the ability to set how to automatically assign guides to newly booked trips. See for yourself how we compare to others:

How long does it take to get started & will you help with setup?

Most of our users can get all set up in one day, that’s how simple it is to use Origin. We are also happy to help with setup if you have questions or need more support for a larger scale operation at no additional cost.

How does Origin integrate with my website?

Origin easily integrates into your website. There are no complex codes or popup widgets to embed on your site. We can add or replace links in the buttons on your web pages or embed a calendar widget on your website. Whichever you prefer, your customers can visit your site, click the button, and easily reserve a trip.

Can I offer multi-day trips or courses with Origin?

Yes! We’ve made it easy for you to create multi-day trips or courses within Origin. You simply set the duration you wish when you first create the trip or course to make it span multiple days. Guests can also select multiple dates and times to book when checking out. This is great for guests who want to book numerous trips with your guides consecutively or just to get a few days at once while they’re available.

Can I process custom bookings or phone bookings?

Yes! We’ve created the tools you need to customize one-off trips while also automating functions you couldn’t before, like confirmation and reminder emails, automatic deposit collection and digital waivers. Your guests still get a one-of-a-kind experience with an itinerary of their own. Origin’s custom bookings are personable, private, and work with your process.

What is the cost to use Origin?

Origin's pricing is simple. Your only cost is the payment processing fees for processing transactions online, which are currently 2.9% + 30¢ on every booking. Your customers pay a 5% Service Fee, which helps us run and develop our platform. You have the option to split or fully pay that fee if you'd like. This structure keeps your overhead costs low so you can focus on scaling your business and getting more people outside.

My business is high volume, can we negotiate on price?

If you're a larger business or processing more than $500k in online bookings annually, we'd be happy to chat about other payment options like annual or monthly options, or a lower service fee.
Streamline your process and get more people outside

Custom Pricing

Let’s find the best pricing for you. Pay annually, monthly, with the standard service fee, or a mix.

For large businesses with $500k or more in annual online bookings.

Everything in the standard plan
Flexible payment options
Enterprise specific features
Priority customer support
Special access to updates

The only costs to your business are payment processing fees, which are currently 2.9%+30¢ per booking.


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