Basecamp Ouray: Switching from Rezdy to Origin

What has Basecamp Ouray learned about their solution so far?

Use One Platform

Using a single platform for guides, scheduling, booking, and payments significantly boosts efficiency as an adventure guiding company.

Choose A Partner

Having your feedback listened to means the software works in the way you need it. It becomes a platform built for and alongside guides.

How To Save More Time

The significant time saved by using a streamlined online booking platform makes it worth the time learning a new system.

The Situation

Combine multiple platforms into one online booking and scheduling system

The adventure guides at Basecamp Ouray are no strangers to wearing multiple hats, but when it came to having to use multiple systems to manage adventure trips, staffing, guide assignments, and waivers, the Basecamp team was stretched too thin.

They were searching for reservation and scheduling software that could consolidate the three separate platforms they used.

The Snag

Running an adventure guiding business with limited hours

Basecamp Ouray not only needed a system that booked trips and integrated with email marketing platforms, but online booking software that made scheduling and assigning guides easier.

The team needed something efficient and they wanted their free time back. They had spent too much time trying to figure out an antiquated system that wasn’t solving their problems.

The Solution

A user friendly platform that saves clicks and time 

Since leveraging Origin’s all-inclusive online booking and scheduling software, the team at Basecamp Ouray are saving at least 20 minutes per client and have consolidated all of their platforms to one.

They don’t have to worry about hiring a designated office manager to answer phones, respond to emails, book reservations, or track down available guides.

Origin Q&A With Charlie at Basecamp Ouray

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There were three major things we considered before switching from Rezdy to Origin.

How much time do we already spend running the business and could Origin get some of that time back? Having a system that does things automatically, and is easy for me to use and causes me less headaches, I will obviously pay more for something that accomplishes those things. Forget reducing my cost. This is less of a headache, right?

Second, how much money will we save during our “dead season”? With Rezdy’s monthly subscription, we paid when we weren’t making money.

Finally, both of us are small companies and we knew Origin would work alongside us. We think as Origin grows, it’ll just continue to get better.

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Nope! It is totally free to start using Origin or to create an account.

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No, we don’t take commissions from you. The only fees you pay are the payment processing fees to Stripe when someone books, which are 2.9% + 30¢. Your customers pay a Service Fee which is how Origin makes money. You can choose to pay this Service Fee yourself, in part or in whole.

Automate Your Tasks

Tour operator life is complicated Use a booking platform that simplifies it.

Automate Your Tasks

Tour operator life is complicated Use a booking platform that simplifies it.