SUP Synergy: Switching from Checkfront to Origin

What has SUP Synergy learned about their solution so far?

Use One Platform

Using a single platform for guides, scheduling, booking, and payments significantly boosts efficiency as an adventure guiding company.

Choose A Partner

Having your feedback listened to means the software works in the way you need it. It becomes a platform built for and alongside guides.

How To Save More Time

The significant time saved by using a streamlined online booking platform makes it worth the time learning a new system.

The Situation

Guide SUP on the side as a full-time firefighter with a fluctuating schedule

As a full-time firefighter with a passion for SUP racing, Jeff started SUP Synergy to introduce people to the world of standup paddle boarding. One of Jeff’s friends introduced him to Checkfront.

Jeff spent hours setting up his ever-evolving calendar and finalizing trip pages. “It took me half a day to create images in Adobe Photoshop to make that hero page look less janky than it already did,” he told us.

Jeff needed an online booking and scheduling platform that reduced the burden of creating, publishing, and scheduling trips. And one that didn’t look “janky.”

The Snag

Maintain a calendar without having to micromanage it

Jeff found himself lost in a cumbersome system and micromanaging everything from schedules to creating separate “items” for trips and equipment to having to double-check that the inventory side was connected to the booking side of the system.

“Where I actually ran into the most tedious stuff was going in and every third day blocking myself out. I’d have to make a new item event for every third week to make myself unavailable,” he told us.

Jeff was stuck in a system that sucked away his time and downright confused him. He started searching for a platform that could do all of these things and give him back hours in his day.

The Solution

An interconnected and intuitive booking and scheduling system

With Origin, Jeff no longer feels the need to double-check everything is set up correctly.

“What I would find I had to do with Checkfront is when a paddleboard was reserved for one trip, I had to go in and change things for other trips. But with the trips talking to each other on Origin, and checking guide availability, that corrects a lot of that issue.”

Having the system show available classes based on his availability that is also tied to available rental gear has been a game-changer for Jeff.

Origin Q&A With Jeffrey at SUP Synergy

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With Checkfront, there was a lot of trial and error. And it took probably a week and multiple transactions where I would use my own card to feel comfortable with how it was reacting from a customer’s perspective. I wasn’t confident that things were going to do what my intention was.
Origin is pretty easy. It’s streamlined. It’s easy to add add-ons, which I’ve done with the race training.
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Nope! It is totally free to start using Origin or to create an account.

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No, we don’t take commissions from you. The only fees you pay are the payment processing fees to Stripe when someone books, which are 2.9% + 30¢. Your customers pay a Service Fee which is how Origin makes money. You can choose to pay this Service Fee yourself, in part or in whole.

Automate Your Tasks

Tour operator life is complicated Use a booking platform that simplifies it.

Automate Your Tasks

Tour operator life is complicated Use a booking platform that simplifies it.