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Why businesses are switching from Peek Pro to Origin

No Refund Reserves

Peek Pro holds your money in its reserve and controls refunds. Origin doesn't touch your finances because your money is yours, and all transactions are processed by your own Stripe account.

No Setup Fees

Peek charges $199 just to set up an account, on top of your other operating costs. Not only does Origin set you up for free, we have the lowest service fees in the industry.

Built For Guides

Our automatic guide scheduling software and management eliminates the time-consuming, manual process of managing your guides’ calendars alongside your trips.

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An easier way to keep track of your digital waivers

Instead of settling for expensive 3rd party waiver systems or in-house digital waivers that are difficult to use, Origin built a fully integrated and free digital waiver system included with every account. 

Origin lets guests sign and forward digital waivers that you can track and manage from our platform. Your customers didn’t sign and submit their waivers before the tour? No problem, Origin automatically reminds your customers and staff so everything gets done before a big day out.

All for free. 

Origin empowers your Guides, Peek Pro doesn’t

Peek Pro was built to sell tickets for attractions and museums, not for the complexities of guided tours. When it comes to providing your customers with accurate availability, you’ll want a system that is designed for humans.

Origin’s online booking software supports individual guides and makes updating a guide’s schedule simple and quick. Guides create personal accounts and can update their own schedules, which will update the availability you have for trips and tours. You can view your entire roster of Guides and are able jump in and adjust schedules in seconds.  

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Assign guides based on priority and even maintain your ideal group sizes

Put safety and effectiveness at the forefront of your trips. Businesses on Origin have more control over group sizes, which Guides lead them, and how many Guides you need.

Dynamically adjust your availability with Client-to-Guide ratios, they’ll define how many people a Guide can take on a given trip based on who is available.

You can also assign guides to trips based on their experience, priority, or however you manage your guides. Origin can automatically assign your guides according to their priority so your business never skips a beat.