Origin vs. Fareharbor

Don’t settle for “good enough.” Be part of the disruption.

Origin makes it easier than ever to accept online tour bookings and schedule your guides. Integrating Origin into your website can be done in minutes. 

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Simple Yet Powerful Software

Fareharbor requires complex coding to embed its online reservation system and their users describe the platform as “Clunky, hard to use, complicated, and time-consuming.” Fareharbor’s website integration kills your SEO. Origin is a simple copy-and-paste link.

Your Money Is Yours

Fareharbor controls your refunds and holds on to your money. This leaves their users in a vulnerable position. Origin doesn’t touch your funds. Instead, we connect you directly to your Stripe account.

Built For Guides

We built Origin alongside and for guides and tour operators because you need software that works for your business. We believe in pushing the boundaries of reservation technology and getting you back outside.

Superior Customer Service

With an in-house CTO and a dedicated team, we provide excellent customer service. We see our clients as an extension of our team and we want all our members to succeed. Providing the best customer experience is a priority to us, unlike, Fareharbor, where their customers wait around for help for days on end.

Compare For Yourself

Service Fees
Payment Processing Fees
2.9% + 30¢
1.9% + 30¢
Real-Time Availability
Built-In CRM
Free Digital Waivers
SMS Guide Notifications
Custom Trip Booking Pages
No-Code setup
Types of Support
Email, Live chat, blog posts
Email, Live chat, blog posts

Close The Communication Gap

Origin is the only software that brings guides, guests, and admins on to one platform. Send and sign digital waivers, automatically assign guides to trips, manage trip schedules, and view information for guests.

Origin closes the communication gap. Fareharbor exacerbates it.

Empower Your Guides

We understand the need to get away from a desk and into the outdoors. 

Instead of wrangling your guides, empower them. 

With Origin, guides can create accounts, design their schedules, and edit their availability. We’ve even made it so they don’t have to be at a computer to accept a booking with automatic trip requests via text.

Reviews For Trips, Your Company, And Guides

Did you know 84% of people trust reviews as much as they would a friend or family member’s? If a visitor can’t read reviews on your site, they’ll go elsewhere for the social proof.

Origin lets your guests leave reviews for your trips, your company, and your guides. Fareharbor doesn’t.

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