Marketing Resources For Guiding Businesses

Starting a guiding business doesn’t stop when you print your business cards. You need to consistently market your guiding company to travelers so you can sell your tours and continue to grow. There are a lot of aspects to marketing and we’ve written about a lot of them. 

Peruse the following articles based on your interests or start at the top and move through them all in order. Most blogs have additional resources for a deeper understanding of a topic.

Intro To Digital Marketing For Professional Adventure Guides

Digital marketing strategy is meeting your client at the right place at the right time online. It’s selling a service or product through digital channels. For example, search engine optimization, blogging, paid search, email, social media, and affiliates.

Why The Stages Of The Buyer’s Journey Matter For Adventure Tourism

To successfully sell your outdoor adventure experience, it helps to know at what stage your potential client sits. Are they already aware of your guiding business? Have they booked an experience with you or one of your competitors before? Have they left reviews or referred to your business online?

Why Tour Operators Need A Social Media Strategy

This article covers why your tour operating business needs a social media strategy. It’s important to implement a social strategy because 1. Most people are on social media. 2. Consumers research their travel plans before booking. 3. People post during and after their travels. 4. Consumers expect customer support on social media platforms. 5. And social media helps create a brand identity

Can Social Media Marketing Help Grow Your Adventure Guiding Business?

Social media marketing for adventure guides is imperative if you want to grow your business and book more trips. The good thing about being an outdoor guide is that there isn’t a shortage of amazing content. Social media users want to see what you’re doing as a guide. And through videos and photos, they can live vicariously through you until they book an adventure themselves.

An Introduction to Tourism SEO For Outdoor Guides

SEO is important for tour operators in the adventure travel industry because it’s another way to get more visitors to your site and, ultimately, more clients. Adventure travel starts with a Google search. Our clients search for outdoor activities they want to do when visiting a place.

Is Paid Search Worth It For Adventure Tour Guides?

Paid search is what it sounds like. It’s a form of internet marketing where an advertiser pays a search engine or a platform owner when their ad is clicked on. In other words, you pay a platform to place your marketing front and center for your specific audience who are actively looking for what you offer.

Is Display Advertising Useful For Your Adventure Guiding Company?

Display advertising is yet another component of digital marketing. It’s one of those things that we see wherever we go online but we rarely think about it from the digital marketing perspective. There are a lot of benefits to display advertising but knowing if it’s suitable for your guiding company really comes down to your goals, budget, and the time you have to dedicate to running a smooth display ad campaign.

4 Advantages Of Content Marketing For Adventure Guides

As an outdoor guide, creating, publishing, and distributing content will not only spread the word about your guiding business, but you’ll also end up booking more reservations — usually, less of the cost of paid search advertising, for instance. With an already tight budget, small outdoor guiding businesses will benefit from content marketing because a lot of what you do is content-worthy.

Email Marketing For Adventure Guides In 5 Easy Steps

Billions of people throughout the world use email. Through email marketing, you can get your guiding company in front of all these people. It will significantly benefit to companies who adopt email marketing and do it well.

Affiliate Marketing And Adventure Tours: Here’s How The Two Work Together

Affiliate marketing is great for outdoor adventure guides looking to increase their website traffic, boost brand awareness, and expand their reach. You’ve probably seen affiliate marketing at work. Namely through blogs or social media posts. If you clicked on their link and bought the product or service, then that affiliate marketer was paid a commission based on your purchase.

Putting It Together: Marketing For Guiding Companies

Marketing for guiding companies doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can keep it super basic if you want. We’ve previously written about all the aspects of digital marketing in our Journal, but it helps to put it together in a digestible way.

Digital Marketing eBook For Outdoor Adventure Guides

If you’d rather have all of this in a neat and organized eBook, we’ve got that for you too. Covering everything from paid search, to social media, to affiliate marketing, this book will give you a jumpstart on finding more clients while doing what you do best—guiding.

The Best Online Resources For Outdoor Guides And Tour Operators

These online resources for outdoor guides and tour operators help you stay up-to-date and serve your customers better.

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