About the Brand – Q&A with Origin

What is Origin?

Origin is an online marketplace for booking authentic outdoor adventures with expert guides. From helping tour guides and outfitting businesses thrive through online booking and modern technology, to empowering travelers to find and reserve the perfect adventure, we’re passionate about making the outdoors more accessible to those who want to explore the wild.

How Did Origin Get Started? 

We formulated the concept around Origin to share our passion and love for the real outdoors. Pushed by our personal limitations, we always felt the best and happiest moving in nature.

Searching online for the perfect adventure took hours of endless clicks, telephone ringing, and unanswered emails. It felt like an impossible task. Specific trip information, guide availability, and pricing was never clear and led to frustration and confusion. It is so easy to book flights, accommodations, restaurants, and transportation in just a few clicks. Why isn’t it that easy to book an adventure?

We wanted a platform that empowered us to explore adventures, reserve spots in real-time, and seamlessly pay for our reservation all in one, secure place.

Studies have shown the main reasons people don’t get outside is that they have no one to go with, don’t know where to go and believe it’s too expensive. We were looking for ways to open that back up; to break down these artificial boundaries holding people back from enjoying our amazing spaces. The more people who spend time outdoors, the more they develop a profound respect for the planet, and the more they want to preserve it so we can all continue to enjoy nature’s wonders. That’s why we built Origin.

Why now?

More and more, people’s outdoor experiences are negatively affected by overcrowding. Pristine wilderness, empty campsites, and secluded trails are getting harder and harder to find. Whether it’s not being able to find a parking spot at the trailhead or having to hike in a line of people to reach the summit, recreating outside can mean navigating crowds more than enjoying time spent in nature. We believe it’s important to spread people out in different areas, dispersing the load from heavily congested places. There’s plenty of room if we spread out and venture a little further. 

Also, it’s important for people to feel like they’re a part of a bigger community. We all want to have a connection with the places we’re visiting.

How is Origin different?

Our service is simple to use. It’s easy to find the Adventure fitting your experience level, interests, and schedule. Origin connects you with expert guides who are passionate about what they do and thrilled to share their Adventures with you. We have trips for hikers, bikers, skiers, swimmers, and more.

Guides help you join the community.  

When you adventure with expert area guides, you join the community. Guides know more than just great trails. They know which coffee shop roasts their own beans, which locally owned brewery visitors usually miss, and who serves the best local food. You’ll be keeping your dollars in the local community and making a positive impact. They often share stories about interesting history and culture. This usually results in a better appreciation for the area you’re visiting.

It’s your turn, go see what’s really out there.