How Does Origin’s Pricing Work?

Origin is the latest online marketplace for booking outdoor adventures with expert guides. We help tour guides and outfitting businesses thrive through online booking and modern technology.

How Origin’s Business Model Works

At Origin, we’re eager to help you get the most out of your adventure tours. Our goal is to keep our booking software simple and easy to use.

We call our model “Pay-to-Play.” The only fee your company pays is the payment processing fee through our partner, Stripe. There is a 5% service fee passed on to the Customer.

The biggest benefit of our model: Tour operators are not charged anything until they get value from our service.

In other words, tour operators sign up with Origin for free. It’s free to post Adventures on our platform. It’s free to use our premium services. We pass along the service fee to customers and your business pays the payment processing fee. 

Automate Your Tasks

Tour operator life is complicated Use a booking platform that simplifies it.

Automate Your Tasks

Tour operator life is complicated Use a booking platform that simplifies it.

Why We Don’t Use A Subscription-Based Model

Subscription models hinder your business. They are more expensive and they limit how big your business can grow.

From the subscription models we’ve seen in this industry, there are caps on the number of bookings you can receive. Once you reach that limit, you must pay extra to accept more bookings. On top of paying a monthly subscription fee, you also have to pay the payment processing fees on each transaction.

If you’re a company that wants to grow, a subscription-based model holds you back.

Origin’s “Pay-to-Play” model scales with your business. The only fee tour operators pay is the payment processing fee. Your company can grow as big as possible and you’ll still pay the same.

How Much Does Origin’s Online Booking Software Cost?

Tour operators and outfitters only pay Stripe’s payment process fee, which is currently

2.9% + $.30 on every transaction.

For example, if you get a booking for a listing that costs $100, you’ll pay $3.20 to Stripe.

For Origin to run smoothly and develop our platform and scheduling software, we charge a 5% Service Fee to customers.

On that same $100 booking, your customer will pay $105.

We realize some companies don’t want to pass a service fee along to their customers. If the customers aren’t paying the fee, then the company would have to pay that fee as well. We believe the benefits of our software outweigh the costs of the service fee — both for tour operators and your customers.

We’ve redesigned the entire booking process. From how you interact with your own calendar, to setting guide availability and assigning them to tours, to how customers book and interact with your business. It’s a modernized approach that’s easy and intuitive. It gets you outside and away from the desk.

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