Arena Rides - All Ages


Paicines, California

Group Size

Max 4 people


1 hours



For kids under age 12, or for anyone wishing to take their riding to the next level with more advanced instruction, we also offer top notch arena lessons! These exciting lessons are given by a Certified Horsemanship Association Level 4 Certified instructor and will not disappoint. During these 45-minute sessions, riders will learn basic riding skills and also be able to participate in exciting rodeo games such as barrel racing and pole bending. Come ready to exercise both your body and mind as we help you build your riding muscles and help you communicate with your horse effectively. Our instructors will tailor the lesson to the experience level of all riders. 

Please read our rules and cancellation policy before booking, as our policies are firm.

Riding Rules

  • We require all riders to wear closed toed shoes and long pants.
  • Safety helmets are required and provided.
  • Everyone must sign a release of liability before they may be permitted to ride.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses are suggested.
  • Drink plenty of water before you ride, as it's not safe to carry water bottles while riding. There is a place to store personal belongings at the riding arena.
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothes, backpacks, purses, loose water bottles, or large cameras.  Anything that blows in the wind can cause a horse to spook.
  • A safety demonstration will occur before each ride. Please be on time to your riding appointment so that you do not miss this important information. ONLY participants who can listen to the safety demonstration and follow directions will be allowed to ride.
  • If you schedule an arena ride for your child the same time as your trail ride, you will need to make sure that an adult is present with your child/children at all times. We do not provide parentally unsupervised trail rides, and no refund will be provided if this error is made.
  • Safety is our number one concern. Each rider will learn to ride and guide their horse before any ride leaves the arena.
  • No eating, chewing gum, smoking, vaping, or using your phone while riding our horses.
  • Please wait for instructions before helping with any of the horses. Our trained staff will make sure that your interactions with our horses are fun and safe.