Risk and Reward: Decision-Making in the Mountains
5.0 (1)


Golden, Colorado

Group Size

Max 50 people


2 hours

Where: Bentgate Mountaineering

When: May 15th at 6 PM

Join Max Lurie of Alpine to the Max for a presentation and discussion surrounding mountaineering-specific hazards. Mountaineering offers incredible rewards, but the inhospitable environment poses risks as well. This presentation delves into crucial decision-making for mountain safety. We'll examine key hazards like avalanches, severe weather, challenging terrain, altitude illness, and frostbite/hypothermia. We'll explore decision-making frameworks that emphasize communication, evaluating risk vs. reward, and the ability to adapt your plans. By the end of this presentation, you'll better understand mountaineering's risks and how to make sound decisions for a safe and successful experience in the mountains.