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5.0 (10 reviews)

Hike for Life is a local social impact business that exists to nurture community, inspire exploration and preserve the great outdoors by providing information and carefully curated guided hikes for residents and visitors to the Pikes Peak region.

Hike for Life helps increase the number of hikers with the knowledge and motivation to safely enjoy the outdoors. We provide and support education initiatives & offer affordable guided day hikes emphasizing stewardship. Do you want to explore the front range with an experienced guide?

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Est. 2018 Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Permits & Insurance

Pike and San Isabel National Forest & Cimmaron and Comanche Nation Grasslands Permit #PKK792

US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Amendment Special Use Authorization allows guided hikes in these areas.

City of Colorado Springs & Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center Permit #

Allows HFL to provide guided hikes in Garden of the Gods

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5.0 (10 reviews)

Trip: Nader's Pikes Peak Summit


My son Humza got to summit pikes peak within 72 hours of his arrival into Colorado Springs from Dallas as part of his 21st birthday celebration weekend with Bruce. To avoid any acclimatization risks up at higher altitudes and noticing the mismatch between my fitness and my son’s, Bruce advised against me accompanying my son. He preferred to make less revenue in favor of the birthday boy enjoying the hike at his own pace. Humza summited in less than 5 hours. Bruce prioritizes experience over $$.

By Nader N. on August 28, 2022

Trip: Manley Robert's Pikes Peak Summit Attempt


We had an awesome experience. All the planning and preparation provided by our guides made everything work out perfectly . The communication was great and the experience was unforgettable. Highly recommend Hike for Life !

By Manley R. on June 28, 2022

Trip: Pam Sullivan's Garden of the Gods Immersion Hike

Guide: Mindy S.

The hike was great thanks to an expert guide, Mindy.

By Pam S. on March 17, 2022

Trip: Pam Sullivan's Palmer Park Hiking Tour

Guide: Jason M.

Hiking Guide Jason was great.

By Pam S. on March 16, 2022

Trip: Marty Budd's Pikes Peak Summit Attempt

Guide: Robert R.


By Marty B. on October 09, 2021

Trip: Palmer Park Hiking Tour

Guide: Mindy S.

Coming from flat Florida, we chose Hike for Life as a way to learn about hiking safely for our month in Colorado. So far we have hiked in Palmer Park and learned about twisted trees. Mindy was our guide both times. She was responsive to our interests and our capabilities. She is also very knowledgeable and gave us a good introduction to safe hiking. We learned much about hiking and the environment. In addition, Mindy even went back to the park and found our keys after we realized we lost them!

By Janine K. on September 06, 2021

Trip: Garden of the Gods Immersion Hike

Guide: Jason M.

We had an amazing Garden of the Gods hike with Jason. He told us historical stories, recalled facts about plants and the land, and made our hike enjoyable. We loved every second of our Colorado excursion!

By Gina H. on July 31, 2021

Trip: Garden of the Gods Immersion Hike

Guide: Jason M.

Jason was an awesome guide and the communication pre/post event was outstanding. His knowledge of the area and details provided during the hike were great and he was even able to recommend other hikes in the area for future visits as well. We wouldn't hesitate to use and recommend Hike for Life to anyone... and the support they provide to the local community with a portion of the proceeds is a true bonus!

By Alan W. on July 18, 2021

Trip: Catamount Open Space

Guide: Lauren W.

Amazing hike and fantastic guides Lauren and Jason. Both were extremely knowledgeable about the terrain, plants, and trees. Lauren helped find the right hike for my fitness level and time limitations. It was a quiet hike with minimal traffic - exactly what I was hoping for. Can’t wait for the next one. Hike for Life is an amazing group!

By Allyson B. on June 18, 2021

Trip: Palmer Park Hiking Tour

Guide: Elizabeth B.

Had a wonderful time hiking at Palmer Park. Elizabeth gave me a bit of history of the park, the springs and also cool info of Cheyenne Mountain and Pike's Peak. She's extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Can't wait to go on another hike!

By Erica A. on January 31, 2021