Multi-Pitch Climbing Seminar


Eldorado Springs, Colorado

Group Size

Max 2 people


8 hours



Starting At


Multi-Pitch Climbing Seminar


This five-day seminar will immerse you in the world of multi-pitch climbing. The focus of each day is meant to build upon the last, culminating in various multi-pitch leads of your own with your guide. Come into the program for all five days or mix and match that length that best suits your climbing needs.


Day 1: Learn to Lead Trad:


Conversations and Practicals around; Risk Management, Route Selection, Guidebook Comprehension, Gear Organization, Climbing Signals and Communication, Placing Gear and Building Anchors, Lead Strategy, Mock Leads and Critiques.


The focus of this day is on building strong traditional climbing foundations that will set your climbing up for long-term success. Instruction will be limited to a single-pitch setting on this first day.


Day 2: Learn to Lead Trad (continued):


Practicals around;


Mock Leads and Critiques (single pitch)


Instruction and Practicals around;


The Multi-Pitch System: Multi-Pitch Belay Station Management, Special / Funky Lead Scenarios.


With a solid foundation in hand, the focus of this day will be to add in the complexities of multi-pitch climbing. The goal will be to set-up a working understanding of the systems, from belaying on a high anchor to expanding possibilities of not-so-textbook situations. How to mitigate risk off the anchor in hard climbing terrain, how can we get better visuals on our partners at the anchor, what if we can’t climb through a section of difficult terrain? These are some of the focuses on day two.


Day 3: Rock Rescue:


Instruction and Practicals around;


Learning to Escape the Belay, Ascending and Descending a rope, Build Raising and Lowering Systems.


These are the rescue skills climbers need to know in order to self-rescue on bigger walls. Having a solid understanding of these skills gives you and the team confidence that not only can you climb safely, but when things don’t go quite right, your party can manage what was dealt, well.


Day 4: Small Multi-Pitch Climbing Objectives:


Depending on the progression of a guest's leading abilities, this day will either focus on live leading scenarios, where routes will be chosen by our guides that fit in a framework of the guests climbing abilities.


Or, continued mock leading practice in the multi-pitch environment on smaller climbing objectives.


Day 5: Multi-Pitch Climbing Objectives:


Take all your new skills for a spin on a long multi-pitch rock route! It will be your turn to be the guide and explore, or you and the team will swap leads for a more traditional climbing partnership.