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4.0 (5 reviews)

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4.0 (5 reviews)

Trip: Sisson Waters - Two for One

Guide: Christian B.,Christian B.

Logistics were dialed. Great communication between the landowner and Christian. However the water itself was disappointing. The southern section of the property, which is what I fished, was severely impacted this summer (2021) when a side canyon flash flooded, dumping a huge quantity of silt in this section. It wasn't until I got home, and communicated with a colleague, that the northern section is where you want to fish, and apparently it fishes quite well. That will be my next trip.

By Marty G. on October 29, 2021

Trip: Hidden Gem- Rio Grande Gold Medal Water

Guide: Brit E.

Was nice to fish private waters that didn't have other fisherman on it. The water level was low which made it very fishable. I didn't catch any fish but my friend caught one.

By James Y. on October 05, 2021

Trip: Redburn Flying R Ranch- Dolores River- Dolores, CO

Guide: Redburn P.

Not a lot of fish in this water which the owner admitted. Since there is no cell service it might be a good idea to post a hard copy map of the property.

By Zack W. on September 06, 2021

Trip: The Bardin Ranch- Animas River- Durango, CO

Guide: Bardin P.

By Zack W. on September 05, 2021

Trip: Hidden Gem- Rio Grande Gold Medal Water

Guide: Brit E.

Great time, easy access and awesome stretch of river! Christian was very helpful and easy to work with. Would highly recommend and will be using Expedition Outside again in the future!

By Alex P. on August 24, 2021