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I've lived in Boulder for 30+ years and have been involved with the local arts and music scene for most of it, as a DJ (radio and live), event and podcast producer and more, and support art/artists however I can. In Feb ’19, I bought a Radwagon eBike. It has changed my life. I average 3k miles per year, got rid of a car and became an unabashed evangelizer of the benefits these bikes bring: a true sense of freedom and a re/connection with my inner child and the environment around me. I ride year round with no thought to distance (other than what the battery allows) or conditions (as long as it's not icy). I love Boulder, I love art, I love these bikes and I love sharing that love with others.

Est. 2020 Boulder, Colorado

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2030 17th St (in alley behind dojo4)

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