Origin Partners With The American Mountain Guides Association

To move the guiding industry forward with innovative online booking software.

Origin launched its partnership with the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) this January to offer forward-thinking technology and business support to its members. This partnership aims to empower AMGA-certified guides by hosting webinars and clinics about streamlining the online booking process, reaching more customers through digital marketing, and creating an impactful and user-friendly website.

“We are super excited about this opportunity to work with everyone at the AMGA! There are so many exciting opportunities here to work together and move the tech side of the guiding industry forward.”

Alex Fletcher, Founder/CEO, Origin

The heart and ideals of Origin are in the software: To help tour operators keep trip reservations and staff availability up-to-date, prevent overbookings with a purpose-built resource management system, and help assign guides to newly booked trips with automated text messages to confirm availability. The goal is simple: reduce the administrative burden of running a guiding business and get more adventure-seekers outdoors.

“Our goal is to bring more people outside and make the outdoors more accessible.” 

—Anthony Milkus, Chief Marketing Officer, Origin

Origin is in a unique and exciting position as a trusted partner to offer clinics covering the digitalization of business, email marketing, and digital advertising to AMGA members in 2021. Origin understands the importance of online booking software and innovative technology —so tour guides and outfitters can thrive.

About Origin

Founded in 2018, Origin’s mission is to inspire awe, to create a deeper connection to nature, and find life’s joy in the wild. Built alongside tour operators, Origin is a booking platform empowering adventure-seekers and streamlining the outdoor tour booking process. From helping outdoor tour operators thrive with innovative and streamlined booking software to enabling guests to find and book the perfect adventure, Origin is passionate about making the outdoors more accessible to those who want to explore the wild. Learn more about Origin at www.exploreorigin.com

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