Information about Origin


Our Story

We formulated the concept around Origin to share our passion and love for the real outdoors. Pushed by our personal limitations, we always felt the best and happiest moving in nature.

Searching online for the perfect adventure took hours of endless clicks, telephone ringing, and unanswered emails. Sometimes this diminished any excitement of planning an adventure in the first place. It felt like an impossible task. Specific trip information, guide availability and pricing was never clear and led to frustration and confusion. It is so easy to book flights, accommodations, restaurants, and transportation in just a few clicks. Why isn’t it that easy to book an adventure?

We wanted a platform that empowered us to explore adventures, reserve spots in real-time and seamlessly pay for our reservation all in one, secure place. That’s why we built Origin.

What is Origin?

Origin is a platform empowering adventure seekers and streamlining the adventure travel process. From helping tour guiding and outfitting businesses thrive via online booking and modern technology, to enabling travelers to find and reserve the perfect adventure, we’re passionate about making the outdoors more accessible to travelers who want to explore the wild.  

Our service is simple to use. It's easy to find the outdoor adventure fitting your interests and schedule.

Origin is your source for Adventure. 

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