Seaweed Foraging Adventure
4.9 (39)


Cayucos, California

Group Size

10 people per guide


1.5 hours


1.5 hours

Seaweed History & Identification

Mindful & Ethical Harvesting Methods

At Home Processing and Recipes for daily life (self care & food)

California’s Central Coast is a sacred place that provides us with beauty, sustenance and fulfillment beyond measure. There are over 20,000 species of algae (seaweed) which grow incredibly fast and are more nutrient dense than most terrestrial plants. As we take you into the beautiful intertidal zone, we will show you how to identify and sustainably harvest some of our favorite varieties of seaweed. If you’re lucky, we may even find some very unique species that have flavor profiles similar to truffles and shallots. Some species, like nori, you may already be familiar with and surprised to find! Along the way, we will point out marine life we come across regularly like octopus, seals, otters, crabs and more. After our harvest we will enjoy our harvest while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the Central Coast! We hope to leave you with a new appreciation for seaweed and the knowledge to responsibly enjoy the fruits of the intertidal zone. 

Children age 5-12 are $25 each. You can add on child tickets at check out! 

Children under 5 are free. 

*It is unsafe to harvest seaweed within 72hours of a major rain event. Scheduled adventures may get cancelled for that reason, if so we will send you a link to reschedule or refund to a gift certificate to reschedule when you're ready.

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