The Massive Hole- Animas River- Durango, CO


Durango, Colorado

Group Size

Max 3 people


12 hours



The Massive Hole is a very unique private fishing area featuring a massive hole (obviously) with a great runout and a boat ramp. Put in or take out at this location, but make sure you take the time to cast through the large deep section. Big browns and Rainbows hold year-round, feasting on the multitude of hatches that come off the water April through November.

This is a fantastic location and it’s extremely close to our “The Horseshoe” location. This makes it easy to book both and have yourself a full day of fishing on the lower Animas. Of course, the Animas is a freestone river, so flows can vary by season or even by day, but the Massive Hole stays deep no matter what!