Rumney Rock Climbing
5.0 (6)


Rumney, New Hampshire

Group Size

Max 6 people


6 hours

Rumney has become one of the premier climbing destinations in the United States. Close proximity to many urban centers with growing numbers of climbers coming from the many climbing gyms, Rumney's unique style attracts many to its cliffs. 

Rumney is vast with over 800 rock climbs spread across this southern side of Rattlesnake Mountain. Nestled along the Baker River on the southern edge of the White Mountain National Forest, the venue is an idyllic spot with classic New England charm.

Your guide will take the time to review best practices for sport climbing, teach up to date techniques, and provide many opportunities to climb many styles of routes within your climbing grade range. Hiring a guide can increase the amount of climbing you do in your precious time off, and avoid those simple mistakes that are so easy to do when first venturing outdoors.

There is a $5 dollar parking fee required by the White Mountain National Forest.