Catamount Open Space
5.0 (1)


Woodland Park, Colorado

Group Size

Max 6 people


6 hours


Intermediate, Hard

Ready for an "off the beaten path" trail? Catamount Open Spaces, one of our newest offerings, is a unique and serene hike offering stunning views of Pikes Peak! We will guide you through beautiful pine forests, aspen groves and around a reservroir at the base of Pikes Peak. Or if you want more of a workout, we can follow a "lollipop trail" that is sure to make your quads burn!

This hike is relatively private and less crowded than the more "touristy" hikes in Colorado Springs. We can tailor it to your goals--whether that is a more leisurely stroll or you are seeking some distance and elevation gain. 

Trail Details:

Distance: 3-6 miles

Elevation gain: 500-1000 ft

Check out this Relive Video from the trail!