Catamount Falls


Green Mountain Falls, Colorado

Group Size

Max 6 people


4 hours


Intermediate, Hard

Starting At

$135.45 for 1 person

Are you looking for a challenging hike with varying terrain? Join us on Catamount Falls trail which takes you past a waterfall, over rocky switchbacks, and rewards your hard work by opening up in the Garden of Eden! 

Catamount Falls trail provides a scenic out and back trip to the Garden of Eden--a beautiful hidden valley filled with wildflowers, honey bees, birds and rock formations. Conditions permitting, we can also add additional mileage by hiking to the Catamount Reservoirs. At this final destination, you gain a rare view of Pikes Peak over water.

Trail Details:

Distance: 4-6 miles

Starting Elevation: 7,734 ft

Elevation Gain: 1,200 ft

This hike is well suited for small groups looking for a more demanding hike than our easy trails. It usually has smaller crowds than the most popular tourist areas in Colorado Springs.

Check out this Relive Video from the trail!

Other things to note:
The trailhead is about 30 minutes from Colorado Springs--enjoy a beautiful drive to this great trail!

Hike For Life

Colorado Springs, Colorado 719-660-2034

Hike for Life is a local social impact business that exists to nurture community, inspire exploration and preserve the great outdoors by providing information and carefully curated guided hikes for residents and visitors to the Pikes Peak region.

Hike for Life helps increase the number of hikers with the knowledge and motivation to safely enjoy the outdoors. We provide and support education initiatives & offer affordable guided day hikes emphasizing stewardship. Do you want to explore the front range with an experienced guide?

Contact us to learn more!

Where you'll meet

The details

What to bring

HYDRATION: Adequate water for the duration of the outing.

NUTRITION: We'll bring snacks but bring your own if you have any dietary restrictions.

PROTECTION: Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, clothing appropriate for the expected weather, and shoes appropriate for the hike.

NAVIGATION: Map or directions to the trailhead.  Your guide will take care of the navigation on trail!

MITIGATION:  Any medications needed. We will have a basic first aid kit.

Cancellation Policy

If a guide cancels the hike before it starts for safety reasons not related to guest actions then HFL will issue a 100% refund (or credit for a future hike, whichever the guest prefers).

If a guide elects to cancel the hike for a safety reason related to guest actions (refusing to wear a mask, not bringing appropriate equipment, not complying with guide instructions) or if the guest is a no show at the start time there will not be a refund.

  • Any hike cancelled more than 7 days prior:  100% refund/credit.
  • Any hike cancelled by the guest more than 48 hours prior:  50% refund/credit.
  • Any hike cancelled by the guest more than 24 hours prior:  25% refund/credit.
  • Any hike cancelled by the guest less than 24 hours prior:  no refund/credit.

Our precautions for COVID-19

What you can expect from us:

In accordance with our mission to provide responsible outdoors exploration to our dedicated community, Hike For Life resumed modified in-person operations on May 30th, 2020. While balancing the rapidly changing situation during the pandemic, we are doing our best to meet or exceed the federal, state, and local community standards. Specifically, all guests and guides acknowledge the following policies:

  1. Hikes will be conducted in the early morning or late evening.
  2. Private groups only.
  3. Max group size of 4 guests plus 1 guide.
  4. No physical contact on the trail (ex. no handshakes or hugs). The only physical contact would be an emergency situation. 
  5. The guide and guests will wear a face covering at introductions, anytime we are unable to maintain 6 ft separation while on the trail, and at the end of the hike. 
  6. The guide will also wear a face covering anytime he or she addresses the group.
  7. No guides or guests will participate in any Hike For Life events if they have experienced any of the following symptoms within the last 14 days: fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, body/muscle aches, sore throat, or change in smell or taste.
COVID-19 safety precautions provided by Hike For Life and are not checked for accuracy by Origin.