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Our 7 Favorite Adventure Vloggers

There are some of us who live to travel, explore, and make a new community wherever we set foot; and that staying still is the hardest thing to do. Many of these people have found a way to make a living from their travels through vlogs.

What’s a vlog? Essentially, it’s a video blog. These seven adventure vloggers routinely record their lives through 4K films or GoPro selfies so we can live vicariously through them. The viewer gets to join them on their never-ending journeys from the safety of our home. Sometimes, it even inspires us to go on our own wild adventure.

Here are seven of our favorite adventure vloggers that will take you from ice water plunging in Antarctica all the way to northern Luzon to find the tattoo artist legend, Apo Whang Od.

Kara and Nate Travel Vloggers

Kara and Nate are two high school sweethearts originally planned to travel the world for one year before they “settled down.” Within that first year, they saw 30 new countries from cave diving to sleeping on a pod on the side of the mountain in Peru. They made a new goal of traveling to 100 countries by 2020 and their 100th country in December was Fiji.

They now have over 700 videos from the beginning of their adventures you can watch. They’ve also categorized the videos for every country they visited, making it easier for us to jump around. Within the first couple of minutes of any video, you can tell this is what Kara and Nate were born to do. Their contagious personalities keep you pressing play video after video. 

The filming and editing are crisp and clear and it’s a fairly intimate look into their travel lives. Their blog also details travel tips and their income and expense reports. Their transparency into how they make world travel work is not something viewers always get to see.

Frequency: 1x/week

You should watch if: You want to learn about different countries around the world through a fun-loving couple.

Youtube Channel:


Darwin Onthetrail

At the end of 2014, Darwin and his wife quit their jobs, sold most of their possessions, and left their home in search of adventure and the true meaning of happiness. They bought a van and traveled all over the United States. They also hiked the entire Appalachian Trail and are still exploring.

Prior to completing his Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail (AT) in 2016, he started documenting his solo hiking adventures and adventures with his wife on different social media platforms. He’s now covering everything from tip videos, gear reviews, Q&As, and trip videos to inspire everyone to get out and hike the trails.

Darwin’s videos are intriguing because he gives you commentary throughout his hiking and it’s refreshingly unscripted. It feels more startup than Kara and Nate when he pulls out his GoPro more often than his “good camera,” but it’s great. It feels human. Darwin’s tips, reviews, and Q&As are super informative for both beginner and experienced hikers.

Frequency: 2x/week

You should watch if: You aspire to long-distance hike and want a more DIY feel to your vlogs.

Youtube Channel:


Peter Bragiel

Peter has spent the majority of his life traveling. He eventually picked up a video camera to share his experiences with aspiring travelers. He calls himself “untraditional,” because he focuses on the journey (not just the destination) and fully engages in cultural experiences. 

He’s experienced a host of adventures. Like riding the Trans-Siberian Railroad, canoeing down the entire length of the Mississippi River, and taking Public Transportation from LA through Mexico and Central America.

His most recent vlog series was posted one year ago where he traveled 550 miles around Belgium by bike. The goal? Visiting all 6 Trappist Monastery Breweries of Belgium. 

Frequency: He hasn’t posted anything in one year but you’ll have countless hours of entertainment.

You should watch if: You like “untraditional” kind of travel like biking to breweries and spending the night with Russians you just met.

Youtube Channel:


Elina Osborne

In late 2016, Elina left the comfort of her West Auckland home with a J1 US visa in hand. She’s worked in creating video content for the New Zealand Police, hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, and is now back in Auckland, New Zealand planning her next big adventure.

Elina provides stunning, raw, and remarkable footage as she hikes the Pacific Crest Trail. Her professional photography and editing paired with her moving narration leave viewers in smiles and tears. Through her vlogs, you learn that it comes down to the people.

She’ll move you to want to do something big with your life (if you haven’t done so already). And if you’re already accomplished something big, you’ll want to do it again. It took her four-and-a-half months to complete the trail. 

Frequency: 1x/month

You should watch if: You want to tackle the Pacific Crest Trail

Youtube Channel:


Chase Mountains

Chase Tucker grew up in Tasmania. It’s known for its remote mountainous wilderness, wineries, boutique beers, and fine cheeses. This is where his love for mountains was born. Chase completed the Overland Track with friends when he was 21 and started rock climbing when he was 24. He began regularly visiting New Zealand to improve his mountaineering knowledge and alpine climbing skills.

In 2011 he quit his full-time and trekked and climbed through South East Asia, Nepal, India, and Europe. When he returned home, he temporarily worked as a product rep for Sea to Summit but soon realized that fitness was a priority for him. He quit his job and started his own Personal Training business that focused on the needs of Trekkers, like Kokoda, Kilimanjaro, and treks in Nepal.

He then realized that it wasn’t just getting people fit but challenging people to grow. 

From his extensive experience, Chase documents his trekking through various mountains all while offering tips for followers to become mountaineers themselves. 

Frequency: 1x/week

You should watch if: You want to become a mountaineer or learn more about it.

Youtube Channel:


Adventure Rig

Tyson, Callie, and Hank like to push the boundaries of adventure through their RV lifestyle. They started Adventure Rig as a way to connect with like-minded individuals who wanted to learn more about RV travel and lifestyle. They’ve since expanded to reviewing gear.

During the summer the couple works on an agricultural farm and during the winter they’re back in Buena Vista, Colorado. Because they have so many hobbies, they review the gear they consistently use and post about it for their followers. The couple (and Hank) are knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions viewers may have. 

You can learn a lot from these two about RV life whether you’re going on a long road trip or moving into a small space. You can also learn about the gear you’re likely to use on any number of adventures you take.

You can also jump to their website where they write about their adventures, reviews, how-to’s, and their “rigs.”

Frequency: 1x/week

You should watch if: You want adventure gear reviews from people who put them to the test.

Youtube Channel:


Fearless and Far

Even more “untraditional” than Peter Bragiel, Mike Corey has an intense passion for travel but not just any travel. Mike seeks out bizarre and crazy experiences around the world. From everything like scuba diving in hydrogen sulfide to traveling to Kalinga in northern Luzon to find the tattoo artist legend, Apo Whang Od.

Mike believes in asking questions and trying everything once which has led him to this adventurous life he now lives. For people who wonder how he’s able to travel around the world, he says,

“It all boils down to willpower. How bad do you want it? Would you give up your everyday comforts to be able to get it? Are you going to turn tail at the first pang of fear… of difficult times… or clench your fist and smash through? It’s your responsibility, and only yours. This concept can be either frightening or enlightening. It’s up to you to decide how you spend every minute of your life. The key is to stop wishing and start doing. There is no perfect time to start. You make your first video today. That’s how you travel the world for free.”

Frequency: 1x/week

You should watch if: You’re looking to get inspired to do something a little nuts.

Youtube Channel:


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