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CA | Bike | Road Biking/Gravel Grinding (bike rental + shuttle)

The San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz Mountains offer some of the best trails in Northern California. With new and old growth Redwood forests, and panoramic views the the Pacific Ocean and Bay Area, there isn't much more you could ask for!

Bike rides will be tailored to your specific desires, so if you love climbing we can head up one of the many awesome mountains in the area, or if you prefer downhill we can get shuttled up to the top and descend. Or maybe you are visiting UCSC and want a bike tour of the campus, either way every trip is different so lets chat and see what we kind of adventure we can whip up!

Nearest City: Santa Cruz
Maximum Participants: 6
Seasonal Availability:
Dry-Season Only
Winter Only
Very Limited
State: California
Start Time: 8am-12pm
Meet-up Location: To Be Determined (options: Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, Saratoga)
1-2 Hours
2-4 Hours
4+ Hours
Minimum age of Participants:
No Children
0-5 Years
6-12 Years
13+ Years
About Me: I am a PhD student studying Microbiology at UC Santa Cruz. When I am not genetically engineering bacteria in lab, I am on one of my bikes enjoying one of the many forests around Santa Cruz.
Certifications I Have: Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry :)
Provided Gear: 1 XL Gravel Bike or 1 Medium Road Bike, emergency tire repair kit, tools, snacks.
Required Gear: Bike (I can help you rent bike(s) if one of my extras doesn't fit you), helmet, water.
Nice-To-Have Gear: Bikes that fit you! My bikes are big (for people 5'11 to 6'3 tall), so don't ruin your experience with a bike that doesn't fit you.
Dog Friendly: