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CO | Photography | Loveland Pass Sunrise Photography+ Winter Hike

Sunrise at Loveland Pass is one of the most breathtaking you can find in Colorado. We'll meet at the parking lot of Loveland Ski Area 20 minutes before sunrise, then drive up separately to Loveland Pass, stopping at various viewpoints.

We'll stop at the top of Loveland Pass and watch the sunrise, before going on a 1-2 mile hike at Grizzly Peak Trailhead.

Keep in mind that the hike is dependent on weather conditions as well as road conditions of I-70. This is a high altitude hike (starting at 12,000ft) and during winter, it can be exceptionally cold and windy. Come prepared with very warm gear, micro spikes/snow shoes, trekking poles, etc based on current weather conditions (we'll touch base a few days before to plan accordingly!). If you are coming from sea level, this trip is not recommended unless you've had a couple days to acclimate to the altitude.

I'm happy to help answer any questions you may have in using your camera, and also will suggest compositions!

Nearest City: Georgetown
Maximum Participants: 4
Seasonal Availability:
Dry-Season Only
Winter Only
Very Limited
State: Colorado
Start Time: 20 minutes before sunrise
Meet-up Location: Loveland Ski Area
1-2 Hours
2-4 Hours
4+ Hours
Minimum age of Participants:
No Children
0-5 Years
6-12 Years
13+ Years
About Me: I'm an adventure photographer located in Boulder, CO. Sunrises are my jam and my dog Juniper comes everywhere with me.
Provided Gear: Sunscreen, extra water, granola bars
Required Gear: Warm clothing, gear for a winter hike, water, camera
Nice-To-Have Gear: sunglasses
Dog Friendly:
Influencer Trip: