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CO | Bike | Mountain Bike CO's tallest peak!

Mt Elbert is Colorado's tallest peak at 14,440ft above sea level. It's also one of a few of the 14ers that you are legally allowed to ride a bike up and down.

A challenging ride and a huge accomplishment for any avid mountain biker, this ride is crazy awesome! With just over 5000ft of vertical climbing on the way up, you'd better bring your legs and lungs. The last two miles is pretty much hiking with your bike, but the first 5 miles of the trail can be ridden.

The trail up is not too technical, and on the way down, it is 100% rideable from the summit. Once past the top scree field, the ride is a fast and flowy trail that rips through beautiful pines and aspens, and gives amazing views.

This ride is one that not many accomplish and should be considered a bucket list ride for anyone who loves to mountain bike.

Nearest City: Leadville, CO
Maximum Participants: 4
Seasonal Availability:
Dry-Season Only
Winter Only
Very Limited
State: Colorado
Start Time: 6am
Meet-up Location: 12655 US-24, Leadville, CO 80461
1-2 Hours
2-4 Hours
4+ Hours
Minimum age of Participants:
No Children
0-5 Years
6-12 Years
13+ Years
About Me: Mountain biker for 15 years, avid outdoorsman, this is one of my all-time favorite rides. Great views, great challenge, and one of the most fun descents I've ever done on my bike.
Provided Gear: I can provide a ride to the trailhead if there are 3 or less people. I'll also have a slew of bike gear/tools in my pack. Beers after the ride.
Required Gear: Mountain bike (full suspension highly recommended), helmet, camelback/water source, food to eat while riding, rain coat
Nice-To-Have Gear: bike tools, spare tubes, pumps, anything you'd take on a long ride, camera
Dog Friendly: