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OR | Photography Hike | Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway hidden gem!

Come enjoy one of the best views of Mt. Bachelor at this small environmentally protected lake in the Deschutes National Forest! First we will get a stellar view of Broken Top mountain on our way across the lake on the path that loops around the entire lake. Camera settings, framing techniques, and getting the best angles of the mountains will be included in the trip if interested! Post Processing available (not included)

Nearest City: Bend
Maximum Participants: 5
Seasonal Availability:
Dry-Season Only
Winter Only
Very Limited
State: Oregon
Start Time: 8am
Meet-up Location: Todd Lake, Bend, Oregon
1-2 Hours
2-4 Hours
4+ Hours
Minimum age of Participants:
No Children
0-5 Years
6-12 Years
13+ Years
About Me: I am an up and coming landscape photographer based out of Bend, Oregon. I have experience in the outdoors and love to adventure with other people looking to explore a new area. Whether you are just visiting or live in town I will show you the best angles, the right time to shoot, camera settings, tripod setup, and general camera instructions!
Provided Gear: None
Required Gear: Point and Shoot Camera/DSLR Camera/iPhone Camera/Drone
Nice-To-Have Gear: Tripod/Backpack/Filters
Dog Friendly:
Influencer Trip: