AIARE 2: Avalanche Course


Golden, Colorado

Group Size

6 people per guide


3 days

Elevate your avalanche education and decision-making skills to the next level with our AIARE 2 Avalanche Course. Designed for individuals who have completed AIARE 1 or equivalent coursework and are eager to delve deeper into the complexities of avalanche terrain, this course is your gateway to becoming a proficient backcountry traveler.

Building on the fundamentals learned in AIARE 1, this course takes a more in-depth approach to avalanche hazard assessment, snowpack analysis, and advanced rescue techniques. Over the course of [insert duration], you will explore complex terrain and develop a comprehensive understanding of the decision-making process in challenging and diverse winter environments.

Led by our expert instructors with extensive field experience, this course combines classroom sessions with practical, real-world scenarios. You will learn about snow science, stability assessment, route planning, and group management, all of which are essential for safe backcountry exploration. Advanced topics such as professional-grade weather and snowpack analysis, leadership, and decision-making frameworks will also be covered.

In the AIARE 2 Avalanche Course, you'll enhance your proficiency in avalanche transceiver use, refine your probing and shoveling techniques, and gain the skills necessary to lead a group in avalanche terrain. Successful completion of this course will not only make you a more informed and capable backcountry traveler but will also contribute to your personal safety and that of your fellow adventurers.

This course is ideal for those looking to expand their knowledge and expertise in avalanche safety and leadership. Join us for a challenging and immersive experience that will empower you to make sound decisions while exploring the winter wilderness. AIARE 2 is the next step in your journey toward mastering avalanche risk management and backcountry leadership.