Paddle Pride! | Mini-SUP Sessons and fun! Waynesboro, VA


Waynesboro, Virginia

Group Size

Max 5 people


1 hour

Paddle Pride 2023 - SUP Shenandoah + Staunton Pride

Join your friends and family for some end-of summer fun on the river on a paddle board at Rife Park in Waynesboro!

Come socialize on the last weekend of September Pride and play on the river on a SUP! Maybe you've never tried paddle boarding before? This is the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Or maybe you just want to paddle around for a bit. No matter the reason, we think there is no better way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

Location: We'll meet up at Rife Park in downtown Waynesboro, VA. Feel free to bring chairs, snacks, pinic blanks to enjoy your day both on and off the water. Each mini-paddleboard experience includes a brief mini-lesson by our instructor to help you get started, then you'll be free to paddle around a small area of calm water for the next 30-40 mins. Our instructor will be on the water as your "lifeguard" or to help you if you want or need it.

Backup Location: River levels are much lower than normal due to near-drought conditions in the area. If river levels do not improve, we'll notifed everyone about 48 hrs before your paddle expereince to notify you that we'll be changing locations to a different park and river access in Waynesboro.

Time Slots: We're "officially" running a mini-lesson at the top of each hour before letting you get to paddle around the beauitful south river until the next lesson begins. Each time-slot has 5 slots each. If we have fewer people sign up, you'll be free to paddle whenever a board is avabile after the first two lessons finish.

Ages: All paddlers 12 and up can paddle solo. Adult paddlers can have children between 5 - 11 years old ride along with them. We have limited children sized life vests, please select the option to sign for a minor if you bring a minor to paddle. 

Weight limits of boards: Most our boards can comfortable handle someone with no SUP expereince and "average blanance" to 220'ish lbs. 2 of our boards can comfortably accomidate paddlers up to about 250lbs. We want everyone to try paddling though do understand that equipment is the only thing that limits us sharing this with more eager adventurers. 

Each time slot lasts approx. an hour total.

Walk-Ups welcomed if slots are available.

Highlights include: Easy access, calm water, beginner friendly! Enjoy a local riverside park!

What’s included:

•   Mini SUP Lesson

•   Premium SUP Board, Paddle, and Life Jacket

•   Time to try paddle boarding on your own

Difficulty:  All skill levels | ages 12 and up*