Top Rope Climbing (Full Day)

Group Size

6 people per guide


8 hours


Easy, Intermediate

With a Top-Rope system, the rope is kept tight throughout the climb allowing for the climber to take rests and not lose progress in case they fall. This is a great system for trying out the sport and highlights the important partnership between the climber and their belayer who manages the rope during the climb. For experienced climbers, Top Roping is an efficient way to attempt routes that are at or above their difficulty limit. Whether you are a first timer or seasoned-pro, top roping has its place in all climbers' journeys.


  • Top-Rope Climbing

  • Rappelling

  • Belaying

Possible Locations:

  • Exit 38 (I-90)

  • Keechelus Ridge (Snoqualmie Pass)

  • Index

  • Vantage (Frenchman Coulee)

  • Mt. Erie

  • Banks Lake (Steamboat Rock)