Colorado Backcountry Touring 201
5.0 (1)


Empire, Colorado

Group Size

Max 12 people


8 hours

Intended to be a next step up from our Backcountry 101, skiers and splitboarders will build upon the basics of getting out into the Backcountry.  This will include:

- Utilizing local weather and avalanche forecasts,

- Snowpack structure observations,

- Identifying avalanche problems and appropriate tour planning,

- Decision making, communication and group dynamics.

This is a great option for those with a Level 1 / Rec 1 avalanche education and looking to build upon those skills with a local guide.

It is recommended that you provide your own gear to establish a better understanding with the equipment you are using. However if you need to use are equipment the tour includes:

- Daypack with an avalanche probe and shovel

- Mammut Barryvox beacon to be worn around your torso

- A sack Lunch will also be provided including sandwich, chips, and a sweet. 

Your guide will be involved with every step of the process as he will need to build the experience around you. Once the trip is booked, one of our guides will be in contact with you and your group to determine the ambitions, goals, and experience you will be looking to have. The guide will have first aid, radio, and additional safety equipment on the tour. Prior to leaving, he will examine the contents you plan to bring to make sure you are not bringing excessive gear or food and examining equipment for possible damage or issues.  You will be touring in a high altitude arid environment, so it is essential to stay hydrated, which means drinking plenty of water prior to your trip and plenty of water during your tour is essential for the enjoyment of your experience.