Beginning Course (Full Day)

Group Size

4 people per guide


8 hours

Our Beginning trips are designed to introduce the sport of rock climbing in a way that is naturally fun and encouraging. Whether it is your very first time or you are trying it again, a willingness to learn and grow is all we require. Beginning trips can easily be tailored for groups with varying levels of fitness. Several venues exist for these trips and we try to find climbing areas that are secluded from crowds yet easily accessbile. We will work with you to find the best location for the day. All climbing equipment including Helmets, Harnesses, Shoes, and rigging gear is provided. 


  • Top-Rope Climbing

  • Rappelling

  • Belaying

Possible Locations:

  • Exit 38 (I-90)

  • Keechelus Ridge (Snoqualmie Pass)

  • Index

  • Vantage (Frenchman Coulee)

  • Mt. Erie

  • Banks Lake (Steamboat Rock)