The Grand Slam Tour ​

Group Size

2 people per guide


8 hours

This tour is for the serious fisherperson (or not).  Up here in this part of the Rockies, we have 4 species of trout:  the Rainbow, the Brown, the Brook and the Greenback Cutthroat (endangered species).  When we catch all these species in 1 DAY, it's called The Grand Slam.  It's not that easy to do, but it is one hell of a lot of fun.  Rainbows and Browns are in most waters here, but Greenbacks and Brooks are found more in the mountains streams and lakes in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Come prepared for fast action and lots of FUN.  This is a full day trip with a maximum of 2 people.  Box lunch and snacks are included.  The price for this unforgettable trip is $650 for 1 person and $750 for 2.  Please understand that we cannot guarantee that you will achieve the Grand Slam, but it is a lot of fun to try.  If you make it, you get a FREE, LONG SLEEVED "GRAND SLAM" Tee, with pics of all 4 species. The True Rocky Mountain Experience.