Snowcat Single Seat Reservation
5.0 (56)


Idaho Springs, Colorado

Group Size

Max 12 people


8.5 hours

**Individual seat reservation for a snowcat-assisted backcountry guided skiing and riding experience!**

  • 8 to 11 Runs

  • Essential Safety and Rescue Equipment (Backpack, Beacon, Probe, & Shovel)

  • Lunch provided By Rudi's Deli

Snowcat skiing and riding is different from your typical ski resort visits. The snowcat essentially is your ski locker, where you can store your additional layers, extra goggles, and other personal equipment instead of bringing it with you on each run. Additionally, the cat cab is heated and multiple individuals will add to that temperature fluctuation. This will ultimately effect what you plan to bring and how snow will affect your gear (i.e. ice buildup on ski boots.) Keep in mind that it still can be quite cold up on Jones Pass and you should be prepared for that. We want everyone to have a great time!

There are, however, some ability issues that should be mentioned. Nobody wants to hold up the rest of the group on a powder day, so here are a few things to consider prior to booking: 

 - All guests should be in good physical condition. You will be skiing backcountry powder at high elevations and it demands a lot from your body.

- **We do not groom any runs!**

- Guests should be comfortable skiing expert runs at developed resorts. Our choice of terrain each day is based on avalanche hazard, snow conditions and skier/rider ability. Guests should be of advanced and expert ability and able to ski in variable snow conditions on a variety of terrain.

When booking a single seat reservation, the purchase reserves one seat in the snowcat. This reservation, depending on the number of tickets purchased, is essentially a mixed group trip, meaning there could be multiple individuals all in separate groups or some folks riding solo. 

These bookings are great for smaller groups that are not looking for a private snowcat, or can't fill enough seats to make it cost effective to book out the whole machine.

When the snowcat is booked with single seat reservations there is a minimum booking requirement of 5 individual seats to make the operation go for the day.

  • What Happens if there are not enough seats reserved for the day?

  • As an operation we want to provide the backcountry experience whenever we can, so we will do our best to get those seats booked. 

  1. If there are mixed reservations on separate days close to one another we may sometimes ask if clients can move to another day. 

  2. We can offer one of the small group experinces for an increased cost.

  3. If this doesn't work we can offer a credit in the form of a voucher code for the reservation purchased that will be valid to book the same value trip within three seasons of the operation. 

  4. The final option is a refund of your purchase minus a 10% deposit to cover booking costs and related fees.

We appreciate your understanding regarding this, as it is a standard in the backcountry cat assisted operations.