The Underground Railroad - Black Heritage Trail Private Tour
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Boston, Massachusetts

Group Size

10 people per guide


2.5 hours

The Underground Railroad was not a railroad or underground but it did have real live conductors who gave their lives so Slaves could be free. Underground railroad is a symbolic name used for over 200 years to break away from slavery.

With this tour, you will not be looking through a bus window, but you will be walking the narrow streets and alleyway that the slaves walked in the dark late at night so they would not be caught and sent back to there owners.

The city's black heritage trail explores Beacon Hill's rich historic African American neighbourhood. You will explore and stroll past a rich tapestry of residential and church history, also its architecture, and learn about Beacon Hill's special place in history as one of the nation's premier stops along the African American Underground Rail Road and the courageous people who helped achieve the slaves freedom.

$325/group up to 10 people