Lake City Ice Park and Backcountry Climbing - Regular Day


Lake City, Colorado

Group Size

4 people per guide


6 hours


Easy, Intermediate

The quiet solitude of Lake City matches the sometimes record breaking cold where even the molecules of air seem to shut down for winter. Yet there is an abundance of backcountry recreation as well as beginner ice climbing to be had for much of the winter. With a few dozen climbs in the park it's not as crowded as nearby Ouray or Silverton with an air of seriousness and isolation to be founded in limited supply in much of the continental United States.

The Lake City Ice Park, located on the edge of town is a great location for new ice climbers or anyone who wants to get a lot of pitches of climbing. Once the river freezes in late November or early December it's time to enjoy these frozen creations. Featuring climbs up to two hundred feet and from WI3 to WI5 there is climbing for every skill level.

For those with a little more experience the backcountry ice climbs in this part of the San Juans feel epically isolated. For many climbs you'll never see another party and even on the popular routes you may only see one or two other parties in an entire weekend.