Learn to Lead Sport Climbs Outdoors - Regular Day


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Group Size

4 people per guide


6 hours


Intermediate, Hard

When first learning to climb many people stick with toproping for a significant amount of time. Leading really brings a new aspect to the sport of climbing. For many the excitement of being on the sharp end pushes them to their limits physically and mentally. There are many climbs that can't be reached from the top as well so the ability to lead climbs can be a great way to reach new areas and enjoy a different style of climbing. Sport climbing, where climbers clip permanent protection in the form of bolts, allows climbers to lead without having to learn to place gear so they can focus more on the climbing movement itself.

What You'll Learn

Climbers who want to move beyond toproping or may have lead indoors but realize it’s much different outdoors will gain some important knowledge during a sport leading class. In addition to clipping bolts outside participants will learn:

  • How to provide a solid lead belay that makes you a sought after climbing partner.
  • What equipment is needed to move from toproping or indoor climbing to outdoor leading on fixed gear.
  • How to correctly lead bolt protected routes and minimize safety risks to the lead climber.
  • How to properly communicate as well as assess safety systems and perform safety checks for lead climbing.
  • How to clean a route after the last climber including the choice of when to lower or rappel.
  • Outdoor climbing etiquette and ethics for new outdoor leaders.


After taking this climbing course participants should feel capable of leading bolt protected climbs at local sport climbing areas.