Introduction to Rock Climbing/Gym To Crag Class - Half Day


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Group Size

4 people per guide


4 hours


Easy, Intermediate

Everyone has to start somewhere. The basics of climbing rely on several skills and knots that for beginner climbers can be a little confusing. Because our actions become habits we want to instill good climbing habits through practicing several skills so new climbers can feel confident to go outside with more experienced friends or start on their way to more advanced skills such as lead climbing. Many of the skills such as tying into the rope or belaying are fundemental across nearly all aspects of climbing so even if you are more interested in ice or mountain climbing you will learn some of the most basic skills to get started.

What You'll Learn

Climbers who have no previous experience or have only climbed in a gym will find this class a good way to get started climbing outdoors. All of our classes are customized to meet the participants skill level but in general you’ll come out of this class understanding:

  • How to provide a toprope and lead belay that inspires confidence in your friends and climbing partners.
  • How to correctly use climbing equipment and what is needed for basic outdoor climbing.
  • How to properly communicate as well as assess safety systems and perform safety checks for toprope climbing.
  • How to properly set up a rappel including backup methods, communication, and when to use it.
  • Basic outdoor climbing etiquette and ethics to help keep our climbing areas enjoyable for all.
  • Basic outdoor skills and self care to be outdoors for long periods of time.
  • Climbing jargon and terminology in order to communicate effectively.

After taking this climbing course participants should feel capable of following more experienced friends outside for toproping and recognizing how to find safe climbing partners and the types of climbing in which they are ready to participate. We offer introduction to climbing classes anytime the weather is nice. We generally recommend this as a single full day so we can cover as much of the skills as possible but more experienced indoor climbers or those with some previous experience may find a shorter day adequate.