A Womxn's Day in the Dells


Prescott, Arizona

Group Size

Max 10 people


6 hours


Easy, Intermediate, Hard

This is your opportunity to explore Prescott's Granite Dells from new heights, literally!

The Granite Dells that surround Willow Lake and Watson Lake are a unique treasure that has nearly 750 climbing routes in them. Most routes are shorter, but still pack a wide breadth of adventure. All of that adventure comes with easy access as well, with the vast majority of climbing areas accessible with only a 10-20 miunute walk from the car. As an added bonus, there are an extensive amount of routes that provide breathtaking views with every step up.

Since there are a plentiful amount of great climbing areas in the Granite Dells, we work with our clients to create a personalized climbing trip that caters to their skillset and aspirations. This information can be discussed before or after trip booking.