A Momentous Day in the McDowell's


Scottsdale, Arizona

Group Size

5 people per guide


6 hours


Easy, Intermediate, Hard

The McDowell's are located to the Northeast of Phoenix, outside of the local area of Scottsdale. This climbing area has gained popularity over the last several years since access has become much easier and there are a plentiful amount of climbing areas for every level of climber! Between the months of October-April the local climate makes this area a treasure in the desert!

Many of the routes at The McDowell's are traditional climbs on granite, but there are plenty of amazing sport routes in the area as well. The main climbing areas allow for all-day climbing, as they face different directions; so one can chase the shade or sun depending on the time of year!

Since there are a plentiful amount of great climbing routes in The McDowell's, we work with our clients to create a personalized climbing trip that caters to their skillset and aspirations.