McDowell's | Multi-Pitch Climbing Course


Scottsdale, Arizona

Group Size

3 people per guide


2 days



The local single-pitch crag has been treating you well, but there's these photos you've seen of long, enduring routes in beautiful landscapes. Let Granite Mountain Guides help you reach those goals!

Our two-day Multi-Pitch Climbing Course is designed for those who have had the opportunity to climb outdoors in the single-pitch environment. Whether you are familiar with Sport Climbing or Traditional Climbing, this course can be tailored to suit your goals. It is all-encompassing and starts off with the re-examination of anchors and then proceeds into top-belay methods. Then it focuses on efficient multi-pitch techniques and stance management. From there it finishes with the fundamental, necessary skills of how to either retreat or self-rescue in case an incident were to occur while on-route.

This course does not include instruction on how to lead climb or place traditional gear. If you wish to learn the skills of placing traditional gear or lead climbing, please look at our other course options available.