McDowell's | Advanced Anchors - Private


Scottsdale, Arizona

Group Size

5 people per guide


8 hours



Have been climbing outside for a while now and started looking to push your limits on new routes in unfamiliar terrain? Or did you visit a local crag and have a difficult time setting up your Top-rope anchor because "...the bolts were too far away from the edge." or "...the rope isn't long enough to belay from the bottom..." Then this is a great option to increase your anchor knowledge, problem-solve anchors with confidence, and overall create a better day at the crag!

Our single-day Advanced Anchors Course is designed for those who have had the opportunity to climb outdoors and familiarize themselves with common climbing systems such as Top-roping and/or Lead Climbing. This course is all-encompassing and starts off with a ground school session, where the fundamentals of bolted and traditional anchors are re-examined and then new types of anchors are discussed. From there it provides the necessary skills to put all of the pieces together, no matter the crag, to create strong and efficient anchor systems. Every participant will have an opportunity to practice all of these new skills while under the supervision of an experienced, AMGA trained instructor. 

This course does NOT include instruction on how to lead climb. If you have practiced lead climbing in the climbing gym or outside, then course participants will be provided opportunities to practice those skills during this course.