Gavin Porter

Group Size

Max 4 people


8 hours


Easy, Intermediate, Hard, Extreme

Gavin was raised in Livingston, Montana, spending his youth exploring the local mountains and backpacking through Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. He began climbing in his early 20's, immediately enamored with this new modality of experiencing the mountains.

Gavin has climbed both rock and vertical water ice throughout many of the western states with a focus on long alpine routes and technical winter objectives. He can commonly be found seeking out the ice and mixed climbs of Hyalite Canyon near Bozeman.

Gavin has taken his alpine climbing passion to international ranges, enjoying the summit of Patagonian peaks, including Guillaumet, Poincenot, Cerro Solo, and Loma Blanca.  He has also spent time trekking and exploring in Nepal while volunteering at the Khumbu Climbing Center.  

Gavin strives to provide a light hearted learning environment filled with patience and acceptance for all levels of skill and experience.