Problem Solving in Vertical Terrain


Bozeman, Montana

Group Size

Max 4 people


8 hours



Ideally, we all want to avoid getting into sticky situation when in the mountains. However, when Murphy strikes, it’s best practice to have some tricks up your sleeve to solve these problems. This series of classes is designed to help expand your tool kit for problem solving on ascent or descent.

Curriculum for this series includes:

  • Rope uses: single, double/half, Twin, tag line

  • Tools to have and when to use: knife, prusik, ascender, pulleys

  • How to ditch/haul a pack on hard terrain/chimneys etc'

  • Seconding vs. jugging the line

  • Pendulum traverse, tension traverse

  • French free/aid techniques

  • Ascending a fixed line

  • Solutions for dropped rappel device

  • Rappelling solutions for anchors that are further than rope length

  • Improvised rappel anchors/ leaving minimal gear for bailing

  • Using a tag line/pull cord

  • How to avoid and deal with stuck ropes