Climbing Companion Rescue


Bozeman, Montana

Group Size

Max 4 people


48 hours




This class is designed to work on the technical rope skills necessary to get yourself and an incapacitated partner off from vertical terrain and back to the ground safely. This class will focus on solutions for helping out an injured partner in a lead fall scenario as well as how to help an injured follower in multi pitch settings. We will focus on efficient and effective use of the gear that is on your harness to accomplish this task. While the class is built around a theoretical worst case scenario (we hope never to encounter), the skills and tools used for these drills have a wide variety of implementations and uses in everyday problem solving at the crag and in the mountains.

Overview of PPE, materials and limitations of use, knots and hitches, methods of ascending a fixed line and self-belay, rappel methods, rappelling with an injured partner, escaping the belay from harness and anchor, lowering, hauling.