Lindsay Fixmer

Group Size

Max 4 people


8 hours


Easy, Intermediate, Hard, Extreme

Since her initiation into climbing in 1999, Lindsay has travelled to world-class climbing destinations and guides clients of all abilities on rock, ice, and alpine climbs.

After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Lindsay knew she wanted to return west where the mountains offered a plethora of climbing opportunities. She began a career coaching youth competitive climbing teams and managing climbing gyms.

Through her experience teaching the technical skills of climbing, Lindsay naturally transitioned to guiding and works closely with her clients to develop their skills. Various guiding venues include Rockies, Tetons, Sierra, Rainier, North Cascades, Alaska, the north and southeast US, Argentina, Mexico, and Iceland.

While Lindsay loves rock climbing, she excels as a technician on ice. From the ice meccas such as the Northeast, the San Juan’s in CO, Hyalite Canyon in Bozeman, MT, and Cody, WY, to the stunning fjords of Iceland, she brings her clients to their peak level of performance.

When Lindsay isn’t climbing, you can catch her playing guitar and singing at local cafes. She has first ascents in India and Iceland. Lindsay lives spring – fall in the Eastern Sierra and Bozeman, MT in the winter.