PRIVATE Slaydies Companion Rescue


Silverton, Colorado

Group Size

5 people per guide


8 hours




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Learn the advanced rescue skills you must know before heading into avalanche terrain.

We have seen time and time again groups of people trying to practice their "Beacon Skills" incorrectly and walking away kind of feeling practiced without learning any new skills. Or worse, how many times have your friends actually practiced? How are you supposed to know if you did it all right? This course was designed as a refresher to take every year, in the beginning or middle of the season, to both refresh your rescue skills and learn the new up to date skills from avalanche professionals. 

Your avalanche rescue skills won't help you if you get caught in an avalanche, so bring your friends. 

It's one thing to know you can help your friends in an emergency, but even more important to know that they can help you. This is a great course to take with your backcountry partners. Most people are under-practiced and overconfident in their rescue skills. We see it time and time again. 

This course will get you and your friends up to speed on the latest avalanche rescue techniques and the practice that should be required from all of your ski partners before each season.

And if you don't have a group of backcountry partners this is a great way to meet new ones. (Also see the "alumni mentorship days" info below)

Course outcomes:

All of our companion rescue courses incorporate emergency sled construction and patient extraction practice This one-day, stand-alone course is intended to be retaken on a regular basis in order to keep abreast of best practices in rescue techniques and gear. New participants will learn the basics of companion rescue, while return participants will expand their skill set with advanced topics and realistic scenario practice to help improve their skills after the course. This course is a prerequisite for all Level 2 avalanche courses. 

  • Construction of a rescue sled
  • Advanced beacon searches and complex rescue scenarios
  • What to do in multiple burial situations
  • And considerations for an organized rescue

What comes after your companion rescue?

Once you have completed our companion rescue course you will be eligible for our Alumni Mentorship Ski Days. This is a great way to address any uncertainties, continue to practice in the presence of a professional, and meet other competent ski partners. Our mission is to provide you with an experienced guide that will help you learn the in's and out's of the backcountry travel and to set you up for a lifetime of enjoyment in the backcountry.


Why a San Juan Expedition's Avalanche Rescue Course?

The reason why we have been so successful with our avalanche programs over the years comes from three main components. 

1. We are based in Silverton and Durango, Colorado - The premier location to learn about avalanche education in the United States with a history of avalanche research.

2. Our AIARE Avalanche Instructors are also trained by the AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association). We are not just avalanche instructors but also guides with experience in a variety of terrain and snowpacks all around the world.

3. By taking our Avalanche Rescue course you get exclusive access to exclusive San Juan Expeditions Mentorship Days and alumni groups. We are committed to helping you continue your education after your AIARE course is finished and want to connect you with other competent partners within our community.


Who are we?

We stand behind and hand-select everyone of our guides/instructors. All of our guides are educators first and experienced mountain athletes second. This year we have two guides that have been listed for "Piolet D'or" awards and have previously received grants for cutting edge expeditions around the world. Our team is sponsored by "The North Face" and contribute to the new product lines of technical outerwear. We have a reputation for safety in the rugged and dynamic environment of the San Juan Mountains and we take safety very seriously. We are respected in the local Durango/Silverton, community and by our happy loyal clients (see our Google reviews).