Sisson Waters - Two for One
3.0 (1)


Durango, Colorado

Group Size

Max 2 people


20 hours


Intermediate, Hard

Looking for a unique opportunity to fish exclusive property alone the Animas stop no further than the Sisson Waters.  This is a collection to two properties along the southern most sections of the Animas River in Colorado.  In fact the southern property borders the New Mexico line so catch the interstate monster brown trout the Animas makes famous.  Within these two properties are slow pools, riffles, deep pockets and trenched banks all holding aggressive fish looking to prey on morning hatches, evening caddis or streamers.

As the Animas moves towards the New Mexico line the topography changes to red rocks and beautiful sandstone desert settings with healthy vegetation along the banks feeding the unique habitat of river ecosystem.  Avoid the crowds in Durango and enjoy these two properties with an exceptional host who is more than happy to share his property for you fishing pleasure and leasure.